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Translation 2014

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Al Tahir Al Mansouri (1955-2016)


Dr. Al Mansouri is a professor of Middle Ages and Byzantine History at the Tunisian University and the University of Dammam. He was born in Siliana in 1955 and received a bachelor of arts from the University of Tunis in 1975 followed by a master’s degree and a doctorate from the University of Tunis, in Middle Age, Byzantine history, and a post graduate qualification from the University of Toulouse in France in 1996. He began his career in the Faculty of Arts in Manouba and has worked as a professor at the college since 2001.
Dr. Mohammed is also a visiting professor in Greece, France, and Japan and has many books published in Arabic, French and English, research papers published in several magazines and has translated numerous history books.

About The Book

This translation was chosen for its accuracy, elegance and integrity in maintaining the original language and its historical and scientific terminology. The book is enriched with plentiful indexes and a sound selection of locations and personalities’ names. It is a thoughtful research combining historical and archival skills along with accountability, illustrating an important intellectual phenomenon, closely attached to world cultures, especially the Mediterranean - namely that of hosting travellers. The scholar traces ‘the hotel’ as a commercial and a social organisation, since ancient until modern times and the civil and commercial exchanges between Arab countries and their European and Mediterranean neighbours. Through the history of hotels, the writer highlights how people of the Arab region portrayed travel and journeys and the welcome extended to strangers, or visitors, and how the relationship between host and visitor has changed over time.

Published: 2013