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Translation 2017

Dr. Ziad Bou Akl


Dr. Ziad Bou Akl was born in Beirut, Lebanon in 1983. He completed his secondary studies in the School of Carmel Saint Yusuf, and pursued his bachelor’s degree in philosophy from the Jesuit University in Beirut. In 2003 he moved to Paris to complete graduate studies, and successfully achieved his master’s degree from the Institute of political sciences in 200, followed by his Doctorate degree in historical sciences and philology from the University of Applied Sciences in 2012 for his book Usul al-Fiqh of Averroes.
Dr. Bou Akl’s career joins scholarly and academic streams; he works as a researcher at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, (Centre Jean Pépin) in addition to being a visiting researcher at University of Freiburg in Germany. Bou Akl is also a teacher of Arabic philosophy and jurisprudence in École Normale Supérieure in Paris in addition to Fiqh and language philosophy at the University of Geneva.
His research interests are focused generally on philosophy of literature and language of Islamic Arabic civilisation, and in particular on Averroes thought and its relationship to intellectual and cultural surroundings. He is also interested in researching Arabic philosophical manuscripts and is currently investigating verbal susceptibilities of the 10th century AD.

About The Book

The winning work is a translation of Ibn Rushd’s ‘Philosophy and Religion’ into French.  The translator skillfully conveyed Quranic terms and expressions into modern French, producing a scholarly work in the jurisprudence (Fiqh) of Ibn Rushd. What stands out is the significance of the translator’s efforts not only in translating a priceless work in Arabic philosophy, but in the larger context of reaching out to other civilizations to stimulate a constructive dialogue.

Published: 2015