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Translation 2022

Dr. Ahmed Aladawi


Dr. Ahmed Aladawi is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Islamic Sciences, Faculty of Theology, Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart Üniversitesi (ÇOMÜ), Turkey. He has published a number of research papers in the fields of Islamic history and Arab heritage. Aladawi has also translated a number of academic texts, most notably Marriage, Money, and Divorce in Medieval Islamic Society by Yossef Rapoport; French Soldier in Egypt 1798–1801: The Army of the Orient by Terry Crowdy; Women and the Transmission of Religious Knowledge in Islam by Asma Sayeed; Autograph Diary of an Eleventh-Century Historian of Baghdād by George Makdisi; and The History of al-Tabari by Franz Rosenthal.

About The Book

The translation of this work is clear, smooth, and well-controlled, revealing the translator’s deep understanding of the concepts and terminology, which he conveyed faithfully and accurately into Arabic. This translation is distinguished by being free of errors caused by misunderstanding the original text or falling into literal translation, which usually leads to weakness and ambiguity. The translator has excelled in creating a balance between faithfulness in highlighting the purposes and accurate connotations of the original text, and the keenness to adhere to the spirit, style, and aesthetic standards of Arabic. The importance of the book, however, lies in the scientific effort of the late George Makdisi to present a thoughtful academic study that chose a comparative approach aimed at reading the origins of humanism in the classical Islamic civilisation, its literature, its culture, and the circumstances surrounding its emergence in the Western Christian world.

Published: 2021

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Dr. Ahmed Aladawi

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