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Translation 2023

Chokri Al Saadi


Chokri Al Saadi is a Professor in Language Sciences at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Tunis and (former) head of the Arabic Language, Literature, and Civilization. Born in Al-Ruhiyah, Tunisia, in 1969, where he pursued his primary and part of his secondary school studies, Al Saadi then moved to Makthar to continue the remainder of his secondary education. He holds professorship degrees and qualifications for teaching in secondary education classes from the Higher Education House, University of Sousse, in addition to research, distinction, and doctorate degrees (from the Faculty of Literature, Arts, and Humanities, at the University of Manouba, Tunisia), along with university qualifications in Arabic Language, Literature, and Civilisation from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Tunis.

 Al Saadi is the winner of the ALECSO-Sharjah Award for Language and Lexical Studies (First place in the Language Studies branch, the Award’s 4th edition, 2021); King Abdullah Bin AbdulAziz Award for Translation (jointly, Individual Efforts category, 5th session, 2011, in collaboration with a group of accomplished researchers); Mishkat Al-Anwar Award in Literature, Arts, and Humanities (for the research presented in the Ph.D., Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Branch, 2nd session, 2008); and Award of His Excellency the President of the Republic (for excellency in his Bachelor of Arts degree, 1987). His books include: ‘Maqoulat Al Hadath Al Dalaliya Fil Tafkeer Al Lughawi: Bahth Fil Usus Al Dalaliya Lil Buna Al Nahawiya’ (The Category of Semantic Event in Linguistic Thinking: An Investigation of the Semantic Foundations of Grammatical Structures), Beirut, 2013; and ‘Qadaya Al Hadath Fil Lisaniyat Wa Falsafat Al Lugha’ (Event Semantics in Linguistics and Philosophy of Language), Tunis, 2016. Books he translated from French include ‘Histoire de la Linguistique: des Origines au XXe Siècle’ by Georges Mounin, Tunis, 1992, and from English ‘Expression and Meaning: Studies in the Theory of Speech’ by John Searle, Tunis, 2021.

About The Book

The translation of this book stands out for its significant scientific merit and its ability to effectively convey specialized terminology in the areas of linguistics and philosophy. Additionally, the translator has included an exceptional introduction that adds to the value of the translation. As a result, this book is an important addition to the field of linguistics, enriching the Arabic library. Moreover, it presents an opportunity for Arabic language specialists to familiarize themselves with the latest advancements in linguistics.

Published: 2021