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Translation 2010

Dr. Albert Habib Mutlaq


Dr. Albert Mutlaq started his academic career as a professor in the American University of Beirut for a period of six years, after which he moved to North America and worked in several renowned universities including Georgetown University in Washington, USA and in University of Toronto, Canada. During his tenure in Academia, Dr. Mutlaq supervised several masters and doctorate dissertations and participated in numerous conferences and seminars in literature and translation. Dr. Mutlaq has several published books and articles in his name, including “Language Development in Andalusia”, and “Dictionary of Fishery Terminology in the Lebanese Coast: A Historical Linguistics Study”.

About The Book

The Advisory Council’s decision was due to the scientific and educational value of the encyclopedia. “The winner used a professional yet a simple style of writing that makes the Encyclopedia a valuable, easy and joyful resource to Arab readers of all ages.” Al Oraimi elaborated. “Dr. Mutlaq employed accurate scientific terminologies in an accessible and understandable structure that resulted in a well-crafted reference to last for decades” he continued.

Published: 2009