Key Dates

Our submission process ensures the best nominees are rewarded

October 2023

Phase 1 evaluation of books (reading panel)

November 2023

Announcement of Longlists

November 2023 — January 2024

Phase 2 evaluation of books (panel of Judges)

February 2024

Phase 3 evaluation of books (Scientific Committee reviews judges’ reports)

March 2024

Announcement of shortlists 

March 2024 —
April 2024

Phase 4 evaluation of books (Board of Trustees meets to approve winners)

April 2024

Announcement of Winners

May 2024

Award Presentation Ceremony 

Award Categories

Choose an appropriate category according to the subject of the work to submit. Candidates may submit a book in one category per award cycle.

Arab Culture in Other Languages

Recognizes written works produced in languages other than the Arabic, tackling the Arab civilization and culture, including humanities, fine arts, literature (novels, short stories, poems) and history.

Children's Literature

Covers literary, scientific and cultural books addressing various children’s groups and adolescents, whether it is fictional stories or simplified factual historical and scientific narratives, put in an artistic layout.

Contribution to the Development of Nations

Consists of books in the fields of economics, sociology, management, politics, law and theology that contribute to a nation’s advancement, whether theoretic review or documenting practice.

Cultural Personality of the Year

Honors a prominent Arab or international figure (or organization) who has contributed to the advancement of the Arabic culture, embodies through his/her work tolerance and promotes peaceful coexistence.

Editing of Arabic Manuscripts

This category is dedicated to efforts in editing Arabic manuscripts in any field of knowledge in the Arabic tradition. The category also includes the production of specialized and general lexicons.

Literary and Art Criticism

Covers works of criticism in the fields of art, cinema, music, theatrical plays, studies of image, architecture, sculpture, historical ruins, folkloric arts, and history of literature and theories.


Represents works across various categories of literature including poetry, short stories, novels, biographies, theatrical plays and other types of arts.

Publishing and Technology

Includes publishers, distributors, research institutions and cultural institutions, which promote culture through various forms of digital, visual and audio processes.


Recognizes translated works, either to or from Arabic, provided it maintains loyalty to original source, linguistic accuracy, and maintaining the context.

Young Author

Recognizes works in science, literature, culture, fine arts and humanities, in addition to scientific theses that are published, produced by authors younger than 40 years.

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