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Translation Category

Submission and Entry Rules

  • The submitted work shouldn’t be previously awarded by an international/ prominent Prize or submitted to any other award at the time of submission.
  • Re-submission for the same work is accepted if time condition is still valid. However, the application form should be filled out and new copies of the work submitted.
  • The work must be published in a book format and within the last two years.
  • The translation must be from Arabic to any language or from any language to Arabic.
  • The nominees can submit one book only each year.
  • The submitted books must have the ISBN number to verify property rights.
  • If there is a co-author or artist who took part in the production, their details should be included in the submission form, and upload his documents.


  • Necessity to send 5 copies of the translated book submitted as a nomination along with 5 copies of the original book which the translation was held from.
  • Necessity to send the agreement or translation permission from the intellectual property rights owner. 
  • The award maintains the right to withhold a Prize or withdraw it if deemed compulsory. 
  • Submitted books are archived at Dar Al Kutub post submission; we regret we cannot return them back to nominees.

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