What is an ISBN?

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products published internationally.

What is the difference between ISBN and the deposit number?

The ISBN and the deposit number are registered numbers by official authorities to protect intellectual rights of authors. ISBN is an international number, whereas the deposit number is country-specific number. 

Do you accept a deposit number without the ISBN?

The deposit number is accepted under one condition only, if the publishing country of the book has not acquired an ISBN number yet.

Where should I send my 5 book copies?

  • Department of Culture & Tourism – Abu Dhabi
  • Sheikh Zayed Book Award
  • Corniche Street, Nation Towers, Block B
  • P.O. Box 7050 – Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Tel: +971 2 599 5049

How can I ensure that my books have been received by the Award?

An email confirmation will be sent upon receipt of your book.

How can I know if my book has been accepted by the reading panel?

If your book has been accepted by the reading panel, it will be among the titles mentioned in the Award’s longlist announcement. Visit our website and follow us on FB, Twitter & Instagram via @ZayedBookAward to stay updated with the Award’s latest news.

If my work is not among the longlisted titles, can I apply again for the Award?

Yes, works may be re-nominated if they comply with the award’s rule concerning the publication year. (works must be published within two years of the nomination date).

Does the Award cover any courier expenses on behalf of the nominees?

No, the nominee is solely responsible for covering any courier expenses.

What prizes do winners receive?

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award comprises a total monetary prize value of 7,750,000 UAE dirhams, presented as follows:

  • (750,000 UAE dirhams) granted to the winner in each of the Award’s nine categories. 
  • The “Cultural Personality of the Year” winner receives a prize of (one million UAE dirhams).
  • A gold medal bearing the Sheikh Zayed Book Award logo as well as a certificate of merit for winners across the Award’s ten categories.

Who can apply for the Award?

Authors, publishers, and translators of any nationality can apply online via register.zayedaward.ae. A dedicated email address for any inquiries on the nomination process and terms, contact us on info@zayedaward.ae

Who manages and oversees the entire selection process?

The award is supervised by a Board of Trustees and a Scientific Committee that manage a rigorous award selection process.

Who selects the members of the selection committee?

Every year, the scientific committee appoints 32 distinguished regional and international cultural figures who serve as Judges on ten separate selection committees, three judges for each award category.

Why do judges remain anonymous?

The selection committee members remain anonymous to maintain the independence and integrity of the selection process.