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Translation 2008

Dr. Fayiz Suyyagh (1942 - 2020)


Dr. Suyyagh has a Ph.D. in Economic Sociology, University of Toronto (U of T), Canada; M. A. in Industrial Sociology, U of T, Canada), B. A. in Sociology, American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon; Diploma in English and Arabic Literature, AUB. He works with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) 2001 to-date and has worked with the Social and Economic Impact Assessment of a series of World Bank-supported development projects in Jordan.

About The Book

In the academic circles, “Sociology” is considered the prime authoritative reference for studies in the various disciplines of social sciences. The Arabic version of “Sociology”, to which the translator wrote an extensive critical introduction (Anthony Giddens wrote a special preface) consists of twenty two chapters covering a multitude of pivotal themes in studying pre-modern, modern and contemporary societies, irrespective of their cultural variation, geographical disparity, extent of development, growth, resources and capabilities. The book surveys and discusses the theoretical, practical and empirical aspects of such important themes as: the nature and dimensions of Sociology as a discipline, culture and society, and many other topics in the same field.

Published: 2005