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Translation 2013

Dr. Fathi Al Maskini


Fathi  Meskini was born in the city of Jendouba, Tunisia in 1961. He received his doctorate degree in philosophy in 2003. He authored numerous books which were highly lauded by his peers, including: ‘Hiegel and the end of metaphysics’ published in Tunisia 1997, ‘Identity and Time’ published in Beirut, 2001, ‘Critique of Hermeneutical Reason’ published in Beirut, 2005, ‘Identity and Freedom’ published in Beirut, 2011, ‘Thinking Post Heidegger’ published in Beirut, 2011. Meskini also published many translations including ‘The Geneology of Morals’ by Frederick Nietzsche, Tunisia, 2010, and Kant’s ‘Theory of Mind’ , Beirut, 2012, and others.  Meskini has published studies in French and German in addition to Arabic language.

About The Book

Fathi Meskini translated the most important work of Martin Heidegger which has profoundly influenced 20th-century philosophy, particularly existentialism, hermeneutics and deconstruction. Hence, this is one of the most important philosophical references to be translated in its entirety to Arabic language for the first time. And Despite the philosophical composition of the original work, the translator was able to present it in a clear, accurate and sophisticated language, in combination with in-text references and footnotes that defines all terms and expressions in Arabic, English and German. The translator is also a professor of German philosophy with a record of authored and translated works in European philosophy, especially German. The Arabic library is in dire need for such a scientific resource which is expected to be a core reference for all Arab scholars of philosophy.

Published: 2012