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Editing of Arabic Manuscripts Category

Submission and Entry Rules:

  • The nominee must have a clear contribution to the fields of editing manuscripts or the production of lexicons. The submitted works should constitute a significant addition to Arab culture and human knowledge.
  • The submitted works must have a high level of originality and accuracy, and demonstrate familiarity with scientific methods applied to the editing of manuscripts or production of lexicons.
  • The nominee must have a background in the field of knowledge in which the work is submitted.
  • Each nominee can submit only one work for one of the award’s categories.
  • The work must be published in a book format within the last five years.
  • The category accepts works written in any language
  • The submitted work must not have been nominated for another prize at the time of submission, whether by the author or on the author’s behalf.
  • The submitted books must have an ISBN number to allow for the verification of their property rights.
  • The submitted works must not have been previously awarded a prominent international or Arab prize.
  • Re-submission for the same work is accepted if the time condition is still valid with the necessity of sending new copies of the work.

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