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Editing of Arabic Manuscripts 2024

Dr. Mustafa Said


Egyptian author Dr. Mustafa Said is a musician, composer, and performer, specialising in classical Arabic music, specifically Arabic Maqam music. He is a researcher in musicology, with most of his research focusing on the history of Arabic melody and its relationship with other cultures that adopt the Maqami music system as the basis for their melodies. Dr. Said founded the ‘Asil Ensemble’ for classical Arabic music and has numerous musical releases, articles, and research publications. He has participated in several leading musical forums as a composer, performer, and singer, in addition to lecturing at various conferences. Dr. Mustafa Said has received a range of awards, notably the Maqam Forum Award in Azerbaijan in 2009 and the Aga Khan Award in Portugal in 2019.

About The Book

The researcher conducted a comprehensive methodological study, showcasing his scientific acumen and enhanced prowess to analyse, understand, and critique. Dr. Said’s work makes it evident that he made a significant effort to organise his report and present information clearly to the reader. Remarkably this study stands out as the first comprehensive report from a scientific point of view and includes an in-depth study and statistical charts of melodies and connections.

Published: 2023