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Translation 2009

Dr. Sa’ad Abdulaziz Maslouh


Dr. Saad Abdulaziz Maslouh is a professor of linguistics at the Faculty of Arts / Kuwait. He translated many works during his life, including “ The Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences” in 1994 and “Introduction to speech “ in 2002 and “Modern Arabic poetry: the influence of Western literature in1800-1970” published 2003.

About The Book

The book is a translation of Edwin Gentzler’s “Contemporary Translation Theories” in which examines how translation has exploded with multiple new theories; exploring five new approaches - the translation workshop, the science of translation, translation studies, polysystem theory, and deconstruction.
The book won for the interpreter’s ability of transcending from a simple “transfer” of knowledge and technology to a broader framework that encompasses science, culture and novelty. This valuable work adds a new prospect in translation/interpretation by investigating the correlation between comparative literature and linguistics; an approach that has been studied in the western academic world three decades ago which lacked attention in the Arabic universities. The book provides the reader with insight into the nature of translation, language and communication across cultures. The book was highly commended by the selection committee.

Published: 2008