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Literary and Art Criticism 2017

Said Al Ghanimi


Said Al-Ghanimi is an Iraqi writer and translator, living in Australia. He has more than 60 books, translated from English or written in Arabic. Among his written works are Treasure and Interpretation (1994), The Epic of Extreme Limits (2000), The First Fountains of Language (2009), Concepts Plowing (2010), The Efficacy of Literary Imagination (2015). He translated into Arabic Blindness and Insight by Paul de Man, Muhammad and the Golden Bough by Stetkevitch, Interpreting the self, Autobiography in the Arabic Literary Tradition.

About The Book

The book has been named the winning title for its distinctive topic addressing the mythological and philosophical narratives of Mesopotamia, as well as its solid bibliographical base and excellent intellectual critical style and rich vocabulary.

Published: 2015