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Literary and Art Criticism 2009

Dr. Maher Rady


Dr Maher Rady received several film awards, including best film of the Alexandria Film Festival for his film “Dantella” in 1997 and the Cinematography Award for best film for his work in “honour” 2001 and the first prize in photography contest conducted by the Ministry of Culture and finally the eighth national festival of Egyptian cinema for the film “Memoirs of a Teenager” in 2002.

About The Book

The book explains the complexity of the use of light in motion pictures and explores the many formats it was used by the artists. A diverse range of examples is used from actual scene pictures and sketches of several prize winning works, which the artist was leading. The Book is considered a breakthrough in arts because “the text addresses a subject of utmost importance and serves as a significant element in the area of cinematography. It offers a unique and distinct value to both the camera and elements of the scene. The artist/writer, through use of light, went far beyond basic exposure, however, into the essence of visual storytelling contributing considerably to the emotional response of the audience watching motion pictures. The artist highlights how control of light quality, colour, direction and intensity is a major factor in the art and science of cinematography. The work presents a new scientific, technical and aesthetic view world of motion pictures.”

Published: 2008