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Literary and Art Criticism 2023

Dr. Jalila Al Tritar


Professor Jalila Al Tritar is a Tunisian academic researcher, critic specialising in self-writing, and translator at the Institute of Translation of Tunis. She is a Professor of Higher Education in Modern Literature at the Department of Arabic Language, Literature, and Civilisation, of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Tunis University. Al Jalila earned a Ph.D. in Modern Literature in 2000 and has authored various articles and studies in the field, which were published in peer-reviewed Arabic and French publications, in addition to writing entries in Arabic and foreign dictionaries and encyclopaedias. Dr. Al Tritar is a member of the Scientific Council of the Institute of Translation of Tunisia; Scientific Committee of Tunisian Pamphlets (publications of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences); and the Follow-up, Studies, And Arbitration Committees at Credif (Centre for Research, Studies, Documentation, and Media on Women). She is a Jury Member in various Tunisian awards (Comar, Kutama, Credif), as well as Arab awards, such as Assilah, Tawfiq Bakkar Award for Arabic Novel, and the Mustapha Azouz Award for Child Literature. Al Tritar is the recipient of two awards from Credif for Elements of Autobiography in Modern Arabic Literature in 2004, and Portrait Literature in 2011.

About The Book

This research is regarded as a significant contribution to the study of women’s biographies. Its scientific approach and capacity to comprehend the biographies of Arab female innovators demonstrate an understanding of their identity within the Arab society’s context. Furthermore, it expands the scope of research in exploring women’s creative expression, highlighting their contributions to shaping ideas and advancing civilization.

Published: 2021