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Literary and Art Criticism 2018

Dr. Mohamed Mechbal


Dr. Mohammad Mishbal is a professor at Abdul-Malik al-Saadi University in Tétouan. He has numerous published works and is speiclaised in rhetoric and literary critique, including “Rhetorical Quotes in Assessment of Poetry” (1993); “A study of the Foundation of Arab Rhetoric” (2007); “Rhetoric and Narratives” (2010); and “The Rhetoric of Al Hijjaj: Towards a rhetoric inspired by Al Hijjaj in analyzing discourse” (2017). His portfolio also includes a number of translations, most recently co-translating the oxford Encyclopaedia of Rhetoric (2015). He heads the rhetoric team at the Faculty of Literature in Tétouan and manages its yearly publications.

About The Book

The book elaborates on Al Hijjaj connections to the rhetoric and discourse, analyzing the foundational strategies in ancient rhetoric up to present-day, in a well versed language, clear analysis and based on extensive bibliography.

Published: 2017

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Dr. Mohamed Mechbal

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