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Literary and Art Criticism 2007

Dr. Tharwat Ukhasha (1921-2012)


(1921- 2012) Ukasha joined the Department of Public Administration of the Military Academy. After studying journalism at Cairo University, Ukasha became editor-in-chief of Al-Tahrir magazine, and then earned his PhD in Literature at the Sorbonne University, Paris.

About The Book

He has also served as Vice President of the International Committee to Rescue Venice and Cultural Advisor for the President of Egypt.
Ukasha has held numerous prestigious positions at several cultural organisations including the Royal British Academy and the Egyptian-French Friendship Society. He served as a member of the Executive Council of UNESCO from 1962 until 1970, and worked as a visiting professor at College de France, Paris.
In 1995, he was awarded an Honourable Doctorate in Human Sciences from the American University in Cairo. He has received several awards and medals for his work including:
• State Appreciation Award of Arts (1988)
• The Sultan Bin Ali Al-Aweis Award for Cultural and Scientific Achievement in appreciation of his efforts in the domain of culture, and for his prominent role among the Arab Scholars and Writers (2004)

Published: 2005