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Literary and Art Criticism 2013

Dr. Abdullah Ibrahim


Dr. Ibrahim is an Iraqi researcher and academic who holds a doctorate in Literary Criticism and Ancient Arabic Literature Studies from Baghdad University and has worked at several universities in Iraq, Libya and Qatar. Dr Ibrahim has participated in numerous conferences and literary seminars. He received the Shuman Prize for Social Humanities in 1997. Dr. Ibrahim specializes in studies of narrative, literary criticism and cross cultural dialogues and has more than 14 published books and 30 scientific papers published in leading trade magazines to his name.

About The Book

This is a solemn, scientific work of contemporary literary criticism which analyzes the relationship between the narration and the historical references entwined within it. The study seeks to unveil the semantic and aesthetic aspects of the contemporary Arabic historical novel and highlights that historians, literary critics and novelists are increasingly drawing attention to parallels between literature and socio-historical issues. The author argues how literary discourse may differ from historical discourse by virtue of primary references, conceived as imaginary rather than real events, and how the two kinds of discourse are more similar than different by providing thorough analysis of the influence of controversial novels published in various religions and political themes, such as Yousef Zaidan’s’ Azazil’ and ‘Nabati’ and Rabee Jaber’s ‘Beirut, The city of the World’.

Published: 2011