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Literary and Art Criticism 2008

Rifat al-Chaderji (1926-2020)


Architect and writer. Designer and director of many architectural, industrial projects, Furniture, garden lay out and design, internal decoration.

He gave lectures at Harvard University and MIT on Art philosophy in Architecture Department. Taught philosophy, biology, anthropology and sociology and has numerous publications.

About The Book

This book is the product of a rare innovative architect. It presents concepts of the educated architect who masters the structural philosophy of Architecture, modern art and beyond modern art. The book covers concepts from the Renaissance, globalization, absurdity, Western centralization, and differentiates between globalization and internationalism. The language is clear and of high standard. The author used special jargon for philosophical and professional expressions and succeeded in translating the foreign idioms and expressions.The author of the book is an educated architect who published many books on the philosophy of Architecture 20 years ago. This book is a collection of articles and studies on architecture. Despite the facts that were written during more than ten years, they express a solid and coherent project.

Published: 2006