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Young Author 2008

Mohammed Sa'di


Professor of Political Sciences, Human Rights and International Law; Mohammed 1st University, Morocco. Holds Phd in Modern Dynamics of International Relations. He is a UNESCO for peace culture member and a member of International Amnesty, Morocco Branch. Also, he worked in International Relations Directorate – Human Rights Ministry.

About The Book

The book draws the attention to the importance of culture in international relations: through discussing theories and thesese that govern international relations during the period after the Cold War, such as Fukuyama’s theory on “The End of History”, Robert Kaplan’s “The Coming Chaos”, and Samuel Huntington on “Clash of Civilizations”. The author tries to focus on the theory of clash of civilizations as it is accepted by America, at least, to interpret the channel and nature of international relations in the period after the Cold War.The author analyses the theory as a philosophical text. He concludes that the thesis is not suitable for interpreting the channel of international relations, but it is more of an ideological justification for clash policies. Finally, the author looks for the factors that will bring back the humanitarian aspect to civilization. He considers the culture of peace as the basis for international relations; not a clash as Huntington presents.

Published: 2007