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Young Author 2021

Dr. Asma Muqbel Awad Al-Ahmadi

Saudi Arabia

A Saudi academic and critic, winner of the Sharjah Prize for Gulf Women's Creativity 2019. Dr. Al-Ahmadi holds a PhD in Philosophy - Specialising in Arabic Language and Literature, and she is currently working as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Islamic Culture and Language Skills in the College of Science and Arts - King Abdulaziz University. She published her book Eshkalyat Al Thaat Al Saredah Fee Al Rwayah Al Nesaayah Al Saudiah (The Problems of the Narrated Self in the Saudi Feminist Novel (1999 - 2012) (Critical Study) in 2020, and Thaherat Al Raheel fee Al Qessah Al Qaserah fee Al Mamlakah Al Arabiah Al Saudiah (The Phenomenon of Departure in the Short Story in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia - Artistic Study) in 2013, in addition to a collection of stories entitled Baynahma Barzakh (Between them is an Isthmus..) in 2017, and worked on a number of refereed scientific research and literary posts, and other texts and studies published in local and Arab newspapers and magazines.

About The Book

In this 830-page book, the researcher delivers a thorough and comprehensive study of storytelling by female Saudi novelists through the critical analysis of 12 published novels. The study focuses on themes female Saudi novelists have explored and written on, such as identity, belonging, and women's struggle for self-realization. The female Saudi novel has become a platform where women are in charge of telling their story, exploring the inner self, and exercising their right to freedom of expression and independence. The researcher and author succeeded in utilizing her expertise in narrative techniques, story development, multiple narrators, dialogue, and the aesthetics of space and time.

Published: 2020

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Dr. Asma Muqbel Awad Al-Ahmadi

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