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Young Author 2024

Dr. Houssem Eddine Chachia


Dr. Houssem Eddine Chachia is a Tunisian academic specialising in modern history at the Tunis University. He has served as a visiting professor at the University of Murcia in Spain and a visiting researcher at the Centre for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University in the United States.

His research focuses mainly on the Moriscos, on which he has published numerous studies and books in Arabic, Spanish, and English. His works include ‘Tunisia, the Mediterranean, and the Moriscos’ (co-published with Tunisian Academic Press in 2023), a Spanish book titled ‘Between Two Banks: The Noble Morisco Path from Murcia to Tunisia’ (co-published with Murcia Academic Press in 2017), and ‘The Sephardic and Moriscos: The Journey of expulsion and installation in the Maghreb’ (Arab Institute for Studies and Publishing, 2015). He has also edited the book ‘Nasir aldiyn ealaa alqawm alkafirina' by the Morisco Ahmad ibn Qasim al-Hajari. Dr. Chachia has received several grants and awards, including the Young Researcher Award in History in 2020, presented by the Beit Al-Hikma in Tunisia, and the Ibn Battuta Award for Travel Literature in 2015 in the studies and manuscript editing category.

About The Book

The work sheds light on the expulsion of the Moriscos who had remained in Spain, addressing its socio-cultural dimensions, and exploring the relation between memory and historic identity. The researcher makes a notable effort in investigating and documenting facts, while ensuring analytical and critical presentation. The study presents historical material documented in Spanish on the subject, offering an interdisciplinary historical study into civilisations and their relationships from a scientific perspective.

Published: 2023