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Young Author 2013

Dr. Adil Hadjami


Adil Hadjami was born in Morocco in 1976, he studied philosophy in Mohamed V University and graduated in 1999. He has a PhD in philosophy and social and is currently a lecturer in Mohamed V University. Hadjami is competent in ancient Latin and Greek languages, he plays the Oud instrument and has obtained a Diploma in the Theory of Music from the National Conservatoire Institute in Rabat, Morocco. The winning book is Hadjami’s dissertation which he defended successfully to obtain his PhD.

About The Book

This study examines the life and work of the French Philosopher Gilles Deleuze (1925 – 1995) and the origins of his philosophy. It explores the epistemological, ontological and axiological dimensions of the philosophical works unveiling Deuleuze’s core interpretations, and tracks its historical timeline. It also compares and contrasts his theories with respect to the concepts he argued, and underlines the foundation of his philosophy which spins around questioning inversion of the traditional metaphysical relationship between identity and difference. And perhaps what is new about this study is the style the author adopted to explore Deleuze’s philosophy, which stemmed from the original works of the philosopher in the first place, then tying it with the other philosophical works preceding his own, starting from Greek works through the Middle Ages and Renaissance until the present time. The author successfully quoted from the works of Delueze in French to Arabic using immaculate narration and scientifically accurate language.

Published: 2012