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Young Author 2019

Dr. Abderrezak Belagrouz‎‏


An Algerian scholar holding a PhD in the Science and Philosophy of Values and Knowledge, Dr. Belagrouz is a lecturer in the Department of Philosophy at Staif-2 University in Algeria. He is also an expert judge and member of the scientific committee of the Algerian Society of Philosophical Studies. He has authored several books, including Transformations of Modern Philosophical Thinking: Questions on Concept, Meaning and Connection, published by Al Maaref Forum, Beirut in 2018 and For Knowledge: Honest Discussion with Self and Books, published by Al Watan Publications, Algeria in 2017.

About The Book

Dr. Belagrouz book titled (The Essence of Values and the Freedom of Social Concepts) published by The Arabian Establishment for Thought and Innovation, offers a philosophical study on the deriving of related concepts and values, specifically the concept of the mind and its evolution based on methodical philosophical comparisons. It attempts to emancipate the mind from narrow and rigid scientific mathematical calculations and explore the wide open spaces of spiritual, moral and emotional values. 

Showcasing the author’s skill in philosophical matters, manifested through major breakthroughs in European philosophical concepts of the evolution of the mind, the study is written clearly and meticulously in a neat scientific style.


Published: 2017

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Dr. Abderrezak Belagrouz‎‏

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