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Young Author 2009

Dr. Youcef Oghlici


Dr. Yousef Waglesi holds a Ph.D. from the University of Oran with a collective of numerous books and published articles namely; Literary Criticism and Capillaries 2005 and (2006), Poetic and Thematic Analysis (2007) Letter of Poetic Literary Criticism (2007).

About The Book

The writer dwells in the field of translation/interpretation and how terminology plays a distinct role to transfer knowledge and culture from one language to another. Moreover, the writer draws differences of several theories in terminology and brings to the readers necessary tools that can be used by academics and researches.

The book deserved the prize because “It’s an addition to the field of Arabic literary discourse; it provides clarification to the critical use of terminology and its impact between cultures. The author presents theories and applications and examines the diversity of terminology in the Arabic language”.

Published: 2008