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Literary and Art Criticism 2022

Mohamed Aldahi


Mohamed Aldahi is a Professor in the Department of Arabic Language and Literature at Mohammed V University in Rabat. He was previously awarded the Morocco Book Prize for his book The Semiotics of Narrative Speech, and the Katara Prize for Arabic Novel for his work The Power of Articulation in Arabic Narrative Discourse. He has published 15 books and contributed texts to 30 books in both Arabic and French.

About The Book

The book classifies the forms of self-narratives within the general literary discourse, which includes diaries, letters, confessions, journals, self-imagination, and self-narration. The book is characterised by a smooth presentation, clear concepts, accurate analysis, a modern and comprehensive review, and reading of ancient and modern Arabic narrative works. The book presents the complex relationship between writing, existence, text, and what they embody in the real self-representation and its transfer to the book.

Published: 2021

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Mohamed Aldahi

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