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Children's Literature 2017

Lateefa Buti


Lateefa Buti is a Kuwaiti Author specialized in Children’s Literature. Her portfolio extends from stand-alone novels, theatrical works, publications in magazines and periodicals, to works in radio and television. She has several independently published works including: “The mermaid” and “My Country, Ininkayo” in addition to theatrical acts such as “Juha’s gate” and “Salma the princess of the sea”.
Lateefa is also a regular contributor to the infamous magazine “Al Arabi Al Sagheer” and worked on a number of radio-based programs and series targeting adolescents. Her works in television were mainly with Al Jazeera Children Channel and Al Baraem Channel, focusing on the cultural heritage and folklore of the Arab region.

About The Book

The book has an imaginative and inspiring story line. It adopts higher values of mutual coexistence and acceptance of differences, with both other humans and the surrounding natural setting, in a way that unleashes the children’s thought process and ignites their creativity.

Published: 2015