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Children's Literature 2014

Jawdat Fakhr Eldine


Prof. Dr. Al Eldine was born in Lebanon, in 1953 and holds a master’s degree in physics as well as a doctorate in Arabic literature. He taught physics in secondary education schools and worked in the linguistic and educational research center in Beirut. He is the co-author of some dictionaries, and has worked as a professor of literature and criticism at the Lebanese University’s School of Arts since 1985.
Prof. Al Eldine has numerous research papers and poems published in several Arabic newspapers and magazines and has participated in many seminars and literary festivals in the Arab world and on the international arena. His published poetry and literature works include ‘Rural Illusions’, ‘Staying Away from Your Love,’ ‘Vision has a Time,’ and ‘Scared Poems.’

About The Book

This collection of poems with its deep insights, stimulating positive thinking and imagination manifests simplicity of language and rhythmic beauty, which leads to the discovery of the many beauties of nature. The diversity of poems and ideas increase children’s cognitive and contemplative senses as do the book’s unique layout and drawings. The book’s 30 poems deliver an important educational message in simple, yet enlightened language, and hint at a child’s creativity of thinking through using senses and imagination.

Published: 2013