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Children's Literature 2019

Hussain Al Mutawaa


A Kuwaiti writer and photographer born in 1989, Almutawaa attained a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Criticism from the College of Arabic Language at the University of Kuwait, minoring in Philosophy. He started his literary career as a poet in 2009, and has participated in many poetry events and festivals. In 2015, he began writing short stories and won first place in the “University Poet and Story Teller” category at the University of Kuwait. Almutawaa then moved on to novels, publishing his first, Turab, at the end of 2017, and his children’s novel, I Dream of Being A Concrete Mixer, in 2018.


About The Book

Hussain Almutawaa’s story (I Dream of Being a Concrete Mixer) published by Al Hadaek Group, is a clever narrative that delves into questions of destruction and rebuilding, through the story of Haddam, who hopes to become a cement mixer. Between wishes and reality, stories, paradoxes and transformations, this book is beautifully written, with many twists and turns. 


Published: 2018

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Hussain Al Mutawaa

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