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Children's Literature 2022

Maria Dadouch


Maria Dadouch is a children’s author and screenwriter based between the United States and Syria, who has published over 50 books in the Arab world and the USA. She has previously received the Claire Carmichael Scholarship for Fiction, the Katara Prize for Arabic Novels, the Khalifa Award for Educational Creativity, the Shoman Award for Science Fiction, the Arab Publishers' Forum Prize, the Daybreak Award for Picture Books, and was featured on the Etisalat Prize shortlist. Dadouch’s screenwriting includes the comedy series Maraya and the animation channel Spacetoon. She also worked as editor-in-chief for the children’s magazine Fulla Magazine. She completed her BA in Creative Writing at University of California, Los Angeles in 2016.

About The Book

The book addresses two issues: children’s obsession with video games and global pollution. It tells the tale of a 12-year-old boy who accompanies his grandfather on a train ride in the desert and embarks on a series of exciting adventures. The novel features captivating prose, a beautiful narrative, and a well-structured plot.

Published: 2021

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Maria Dadouch

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