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Arab Culture in Other Languages 2015

Sugita Hideaki


Sugita Hideaki is the professor of regional studies in the Faculty of Art and Science in Tokyo University, Japan. He started his academic and professional career in 1975 as a bachelor’s degree student in regional studies at Tokyo University and gradually progressed to reach the doctorate level in 2001. He has a special interest in studying the Middle East culture, civilization , and literary progress. He authored many works on the region and its influence in Japanese culture which won him many awards and prizes, including the Comparative Literature Award in Japan in 1997, and Shimada Kinji Award for Comparative Literature in 2003.

About The Book

This book marked a turning point in the development of the way the Japanese, unshackled by Western Orientalist attitudes, view Arab culture. It traces the influence of the Arabian Nights on all aspects of modern Japanese culture, most specifically on children’s literature, Japanese theatre, fiction, cinema, travel literature, translation and comparative literature starting with the reforms of the enlightened Meiji Era (1868-1912) until the present.

Published: 2012