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Arab Culture in Other Languages 2017

Dr. David Wirmer


Dr. David Wirmer is Assistant Professor of Arabic and Jewish Philosophy in the Philosophy Department at the University of Cologne (since 2013). At the Thomas-Institute, Cologne, he co-directs the trilingual, Arabic, Hebrew, and Latin edition of Averroes’ writings on Natural Philosophy, a long-term project of the North-Rhine Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts.
After studying Philosophy, Islamic, and Jewish Stuides in Bonn, Cologne, and Jerusalem, David Wirmer obtained a scholarship from the German National Merit Foundation for his doctoral studies which he conducted in Bonn and Paris. He earned his PhD in philosophy from the University of Bonn in 2010 with a dissertation on the Andalusian Arabic philosopher Ibn Bagga. From 2006 until 2013 he has worked as a Research Associate at the University of Cologne. In 2012 he was invited as a Fellow at the Israel Institute for Advanced Studies. In his research David Wirmer specialises in Arabic Philosophy from Islamic Spain and its reception in the West with a particular emphasis on natural philosophy, epistemology, and theories of human cognition. His publications include Averroes: Uber den Intellekt (Freiburg 2008), Vom Denken der Natur zur Natur des Denkens: Ibn Bagga’s Theorie der Potenz als Grundlegung der Psychologie (Berlin 2014).

About The Book

His work is considered a pioneering attempt in presenting the valuable contribution of the Andalusia Philosopher, Ibn Bâjja, in transmitting Aristotle’s philosophy to the Western World. It also authentically showcases the influence of Aristotle on Ibn Bajja by translating some of his works, therefore highlighting the author’s scholarly effort with an excellent German translation.

Published: 2014