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Arab Culture in Other Languages 2023

Mathieu Tillier


Mathieu Tillier, PhD (2004), Université Lumière-Lyon 2, is Professor of Medieval Islamic History at Sorbonne Université (Paris) and a member of the CNRS team “Orient & Méditerranée” (UMR 8167). His main research focuses on Islamic law and institutions. He is the author of Les cadis d’Iraq et l’État abbasside (132/750-334/945) (Damascus: Presses de l’Ifpo, 2009), and of L’invention du cadi. La justice des musulmans, des juifs et des chrétiens aux premiers siècles de l’Islam (Paris: Publications de la Sorbonne, 2017). He also edited Abū Hilāl al-ʿAskarī’s Kitāb mā ḥtakama bi-hi l-kḫulafā’ ilā l-quḍāt (Cairo: Ifao, 2011) and translated into French al-Kindī and Ibn Ḥajar al-ʿAsqalānī’s books on Umayyad and Abbasid Egyptian judges. His most recent work addresses papyri documents reflecting legal, social, and cultural practices in Medieval Egypt. With Naïm Vanthieghem, he recently edited a hadith manuscript on papyrus dating back to the ninth century CE (Supplier Dieu dans l’Égypte toulounide. Le florilège de l’invocation d’après Ḫālid b. Yazīd [iiie/ixe siècle], Leiden: Brill, 2022).

About The Book

This book marks a key step toward a more comprehensive and precise exploration of the evolution of the judicial system during the early Islamic period. Utilizing fresh sources and an innovative comparative approach, the book examines the development of judicial procedures, shedding light on various critical questions, such as the processes involved in filing complaints and cases, their legal progression, and the individuals responsible for delivering final judgments. The book includes a comprehensive collection of narratives detailing the history of Egypt and Palestine during the Umayyad era, which offer invaluable contemporary insights into historical events. The book is a testament to the author’s dedication to academic accuracy, featuring an abundance of Arabic, Greek, Syriac, and Coptic sources.

Published: 2017

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Mathieu Tillier

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