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Arab Culture in Other Languages 2018

Prof. Dag Nikolaus Hasse


A German Orientalist and a Historian of Philosophy, born in Bremen, Germany in 1969. He holds a Masters degree in Latin Philosophy of the Middle Ages & Renaissance and Arabic Studies from the University of Göttingen and a doctorate degree in Philosophy from London University, UK, in addition to the fellowship of a number of German and European Universities. His academic research interests focus on history of philosophy, and especially in Latin and Arabic Philosohpy and Sciences. He is the director of a number of Research Groups in Arabic-Latin linguistics and has numerous published books and research articles. Hasse works in the capacity of professor of Philosophy at University of Wurzburg, Germany since 2010.

About The Book

The book is a significant work of scholarship that fills in an important gap in modern knowledge: the fact that works in the Arabic Sciences and Philosophy played an important role in Western Renaissance Movement.

Hasse monitors the influence of Arabic in the intellectual development, debates and controversies of the Renaissance. The compendium of translated works is a unique inventory, and makes this book a pioneering work of bibliography and a landmark in the history of manuscript transmission. The text is meticulously detailed and definitive.

Published: 2017

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Prof. Dag Nikolaus Hasse

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