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Arab Culture in Other Languages 2014

Professor Mario Liverani


Mario is a professor of Ancient History of the Near East at the University of Rome and is considered one of Italy’s leading experts in the history of antiquity and archaeology. An honorary member at the American Oriental Society, Prof. Liverani was also the co-ordinator of an archaeological expedition to the Libyan desert. He has many books and published works to his name including: ‘Ancient Near East’ (1991), which has been translated into Spanish; ‘War and Diplomacy in the Ancient Near East’ (1994); ‘Uruk: the First City’ (1998) and ‘The history of Myth and Politics in the Ancient Near East’ (2004).

About The Book

This work was selected as the author provided an extensive survey of Babylon, considering it as one of the Arab world’s most important ancient cities. The book also redrew the city architecturally, ideologically, organisationally and conceptually. The author was deemed to have enhanced research in every chapter with historical documents and accurate archaeological exposure. The book was judged to be an impressive work in both archaeology and ancient history.

Published: 2013