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Literature 2022

Maisoon Saqer

United Arab Emirates

Maisoon Saqer is a poet, novelist and artist who has published several collections of poetry in classical Arabic and has previously won the C.P. Cavafy International Prize for Poetry. Her novel A Pearl in My Mouth (2016) was previously shortlisted for the Sheikh Zayed Award. Her professional background includes working at the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi in the Department of Culture, Arts, and Publishing, and at the Ministry of Information and Culture as Director of the Cultural Department.

About The Book

The book belongs to a type of storytelling that is open to various genres, especially what is known as narratives of place. Cairo’s Cafe Riche has a deep cultural history and a broad creative and social heritage. The book combines history and narrative, which makes it a documented historical biography on the one hand and a creative work on the other. It also documents an important era in Egypt’s cultural history by examining the cultural and social transformations in modern Egyptian history and highlighting prominent intellectuals and creators associated with the cafe and the history of intellectual life in Egypt.

Published: 2021

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Maisoon Saqer

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