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Literature 2018

Khalil Sweileh


Khalil Sweileh was born in 1959, in the city of Hasaka, Syria. In addition to writing, he is an active journalist. His portfolio includes multiple works in poetry including “Prefaces”; “That was the
scene”; “Tracing the marks”, in addition to numerous novels; “Stationer of Love”; “Express Mail”; “The Gazelle will come to you”’ and “The Barbarians’ Paradise”. Sweileh won a number of literary and
journalism awards, including The Naguib Mahfouz Medal for Literature for his Novel “Stationer of Love” (2009) and the Arab Journalism Award (2010).

About The Book

‘Ikhtibar al-nadam’ (Remorse Test) by Syrian novelist Khalil Sweileh: The novel portrays an inward view of the Syrian Civil War tragedy; the author takes the reader on a trip around Damascus, trudging down the memory lanes and presenting the psychological conflicts amid the shattered reality of place and society – marking a new beginning in the Syrian Literature, with a unique use of narrative tools and vocabulary construction.

Published: 2017

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Khalil Sweileh

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