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Literature 2009

Jamal Al Ghitani (1945-2015)


Jamal Al Ghitani was born in Juhaina village, Egypt, 1945 and has graduated from Arts School in 1962 where he studied carpet designing. He was arrested in 1966 among other writers for political reasons. Started his work for Akhbar Al Youm publishing house in 1969 and was war correspondent between 1969 and 1974. He became the Editor-in-Chief of Akhbar Al Adab in 1992 until now. Many of his works were translated into French, Swedish, English, Dutch, German, and Italian, and were studied by many Arab and foreign prominent scholars.
Jamal Ghitani received many awards during his career, to name a few; State Merit Novel Award, Knight of French Legion of Honour, Arab-French Friendship Awards for his novel Risalat Al Basa’er Fi Al Masa’er.

About The Book

The book is the 6th volume of Dafater Al- Tadween, and encompasses the spiritual journey of the writer paralleled with an actual travel he assumes from the Pyramid Plateau to the Southern parts of Egypt.
The advisory council decided that Jamal Al Ghitani’s work manifests the intersection of the spiritual and carnal, the artistic and intellectual, exceeding the boundaries of time and history.

Published: 2008