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Literature 2014

Dr. Abdel Rasheed Mahmoudi


Dr. Mahmoudi is an Egyptian critic and writer, who began his career at UNESCO in Paris as a translator, and later became editor-in-chief of the Arabic edition of the magazine ‘UNESCO’s Message’. He later took over the management of UNESCO’S cultural sector programmes and was appointed as a cultural advisor in the organisation.
Dr. Mahmoudi holds a degree in philosophy from the University of Cairo and London and a Ph.D. in Middle East studies from the UK’s University of Manchester. He has worked as a writer and translator for radio in Cairo and at the Arab section in the BBC in London.
Dr. Mahmoudi’s many interests span poetry, novels, and translation and he is a diligent researcher in philosophy and the history of literature and criticism. He has published a collection of poems, three collections of short stories, and a novel and has translated many books including ‘Bertrand Russell: How my philosophy developed’ and ‘The Shortened Philosophy Encyclopedia’. He has penned a number of books, of which the most important is ‘Taha Hussein: from Al-Azhar to the Sorbonne’ and ‘Lord Shaaban.’

About The Book

This winning novel represents literary creativity with a mix of classical narrative and simple dialogue reminiscent of the international classics. The novel deals with the social fabric, topographic nature and anthropological features of a 1940s’ Egyptian village told through brilliant narration skills. The author smoothly transitions between events and captures the evolution of characters from childhood to middle age. The author also showed great skill in reconstructing reality, an ability to analyse characters in their volatility from hope to emotional breakdowns, and a capacity to associate reality with the mythical.

Published: 2013