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Contribution to the Development of Nations 2017

Dr. Mohammad Chahrour (1938 - 2019)


Mohammad Chahrour was born in Damascus, Syria in 1938. He finished his primary and secondary studies in his home country, before moving to Moscow to pursue his diploma in Civil Engineering in 1964. Chahrour moved back to Damascus to work in the capacity of Dean of Civil Engineering Faculty until 1968 when he was delegated to the University of Dublin, Ireland to achieve his masters’ and doctoral degrees in Civil Engineering in 1969 and 1972 respectively.

Alongside his mainstream engineering academic background, Chahrour has been an avid researcher in Quran studies since 1967 with multiple publications including: “The Book and the Quran – A contemporary analysis” (Dar Al Ahali 1990); “The Organization and Society” (Dar Al Ahali 1994); “Isalm and Faith – the moral system” (Dar Al Ahali 1996); and “Contemporary Analysis of the Quran” (Dar Al Saqi 2016). His book, “The Quran Morality and Critical reason” has been published in English by Brill in 2008.
Chahrour is a widower and has four sons. He is fluent in English and Russian in addition to his Arabic mother tongue.

About The Book

The book is a sophisticated intellectual project that discusses the fundamental concepts of belief, social conscience, and religious allegiance, in an attempt to re-examine texts in light of reformist concepts (such as freedom, nationalism and faith) that steer away from struggles and disagreements leading to current tainted view of Islam.

Published: 2016