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Contribution to the Development of Nations 2010

Dr. Ammar Ali Hasan


Dr. Ammar Ali Hasan holds a masters and a doctorate degree -with distinction- in Political Sciences. He worked in several academic and research capacities in the Emirates Center for Strategic studies and Research in Abu Dhabi and Center for Political and International Development Studies and is currently supervising a Pan-Arab research program in the culture of national unity and the revive of heritage in the Arab World. Dr. Hasan also has a number of published books and his works have been recognized nationally and regionally.

About The Book

The Award’s Advisory Council’s recognition came as a result of the unique topic the book discusses and the research and analysis methodologies the author implemented to present his findings. The Council named the winning book “a remarkable addition” to the Sufism studies, and the larger knowledge base of the different Islamic movements and sects.

Published: 2009