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Cultural Personality of the Year 2008

H. E. Mohammed Bin Eissa


For his role in establishing Assila Festival for Arts, culture and thought and making it as a forum for Arab, African and Western innovators and thinkers. A small, simple Arab village has become a creative model of a global village in modern era. This continued for three decades ceaselessly. He also contributed to refreshing the Moroccan cultural life and linking it closely to the Arab and humanitarian culture.

About the Cultural Personality of the Year

Academic Background
1960 – 1961 Student at the Faculty of Arts, Journalism section, Cairo University.
1963 Certificate in communication sciences from Minnesota University – United States of America.
1964 Scholarship from Rock Filler Corporation to conduct research in the field of communication at Colombia University, New York, USA. Official Responsibilities and posts
1963 – 1965 Media Attaché in the United Nations.
1965 – 1967 Media Attaché at Media Department – United Nations, New York, Addis Ababa – Ethiopia.
1967 – 1971 Regional consultant in information and media at Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Africa (Regional office at Akra, Ghana).
1971 – 1974 Head of Communication section – Media Department
– Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome – Italy. 1975 Assistant Secretary for International Food Conference
– United Nations – New York and Rome. 1974 – 1976 Director of Media Department at Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Rome and Italy.
1977 – 1983 Member of Municipal council of Assila city – (Morocco).
1977 – 1984 Member of parliament (Morocco).
1977 – 1984 Reporter of culture and Information at the Moroccan parliament.
1983 – 1992 Mayor of Municipal council at Assila – Morocco.
1984 – 1992 Elected again as a parliament member.
1985 – 1992 Minister of culture.
1993 – 2008 Re-elected as mayor of Assila city.
1993 – 1999 Morocco Ambassador at the United States of America, Washington.
1999 – 2002 Minister of Foreign Affairs and cooperation.
2002 – 2007 Re-appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs and cooperation.

Current Post:
Mayor – Assila city. Secretary General of Assila Forum Establishment.

Cultural and Political Activities
1978 Founding member of National party (Ahrar).
1981 – 1986 Chief Editor and Director of “Al Mithaq” and “Al Maghreb” papers.
1984 Elected as member of the Executive Committee of National party – Ahrar.
1976 Co-published a book with Al-Taher Bin Jloun: «Masahat» (1976).
1992 Abandoned political party work.
1998 Won Agha Khan Award for Islamic Architecture for rehabilitating Assila city, Cairo.
1999 Won the title of personality of the year from Arab through Establishment – Beir

Medals and Decorations:
1993 Medal of His Majesty King Al-Hassan the second.
2002 Medal of his Majesty King Mohammed the sixth.

Civil Community Activities
1978 Founded «Al-Muheet Cultural Society» which supervised the organization of the first session of Assila International cultural season.
1983 – 2008 Secretary General and Founder of “Assila Forum Corporation”.
Languages: Arabic, English, Spanish, French and Italian.