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Publishing and Technology 2015

Arab Scientific Publishers Inc.


The award went to Arab Scientific Publishers Inc. From Lebanon, on the grounds that “The publishing house continued, ever since it was established thirty years ago, to work within the framework of a cultural project, which is keen on publishing scientific, intellectual, and creative works contributing to the movement of enlightenment, and aiming at raising Arab consciousness by this kind of publishing. The publishing house continued to publish serious and significant works targeting all age groups, and showed keen interest in translating from the modern languages, and in participating in book fairs held in Arab foreign countries.”

About The Publishing House

Arab Scientific Publishers (ASP) produces high quality books that engage all ages, levels, and interests. ASP books cover a wide range of subject matter from drawing to cookery, from Mayo Clinic references to Microsoft MCSE Training Kits. ASP has created and acquired the copyright of more than 427 titles that educate, motivate and entertain children and teenagers and which are designed to help enlarge their understanding of the world around them. Since its establishment in 1987, ASP has translated and Arabised numerous English language fiction and non-fiction books for children and the family, as well as titles on health, sports, management.


Established: 1987