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Publishing and Technology 2009

Al-Dar Al- Masriah Al-Lubnaniah


  • Founded in 1985
  • Its founder, Mohammed Rashad, is former Secretary-General of the Arab Publishers Union, Vice President of the Federation of Publishers and a former member of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Culture in Egypt
  • Other branches : the Arab Book House 1988 “Eastern papers” in Beirut 1993
  • The number of its staff is 120
  • Publishes in all fields of culture and knowledge: scientific, literary and academic, religious and children
  • Total number of titles is above one thousand five hundred in addition to 600 titles from dar Al Arabiiya Lil Kitab
  • Collaborates with the most prominent authors and painters such as; Jabber Asfour, Hamed Ammar, Salah Fadl, Mustafa Shakaa, Mustafa Sweif, Zahi Hawas and Mohammad Salmawi
  • Gained many prizes in recognition of their work such as Suzan Mubarak prize; for several consecutive years.

About The Publishing House

Al-Dar Al- Masriah Al-Lubnaniah met successfully all the conditions related to publishing in terms of quantity and quality of production, distribution of books along with maintaining the intellectual property rights of authors. They have a wide range of works, consisting of books and translated literature exceeding 750 writers, one hundred translators in the past few years


Established: 1985