Sheikh Zayed Book Award Concludes First Round of Selection

Abu Dhabi,

Abu Dhabi 31 Aug 2015- The Sheikh Zayed Book Award concluded its first reading panel meetings in Abu Dhabi yesterday, as a first step towards reviewing and selecting eligible nominations for its tenth edition (2015-2016). The committee members included Dr Khalil Al-Shaikh, member of the scientific committee/ from Jordan, Dr. Ali Al-Kaabi, Professor at UAEU and Bahraini Critic Dr Dheyaa Al Kaabi. The reading panel was headed by Dr Ali Bin Tamim, the Award's Secretary General. Commenting on the selection criteria, Bin Tamim said ' The first round selection is identified through rigorous and objective principles to evaluate the merits of the nominated work, to be sent next to nine judging panels for a second review and evaluation- a process which takes up to 4 months. The Judges submit their views to the Scientific Committee for a third round of evaluations to decide on the final selection of the best nominations in all categories, to be finally introduced to the Board of Trustees for announcement'. He also added that the Award is still accepting nominations until September 30th 2015 through Award's website ( From her side, Dr Dheyaa Al Kaabi, who serves for the first time on the panel, commented "I am happy to be serving on Sheikh Zayed Book Award's committee. The award's influence has proven year upon year to be enriching the cultural scene in the region." As for her experience with the committee members, she added "Working alongside highly acclaimed cultural and literary thinkers is another source of pride to me ". The award– carrying the name of Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, was established in 2006 to foster greater scholarship and creativity by recognizing and rewarding innovators and thinkers in areas of knowledge, arts and humanities.