Zayed Book Award Longlist Announced for ‘Young Author’ Category (2017-2018)

Abu Dhabi,

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award (SZBA) announced today its ‘Young Author’ longlist for the twelfth edition, consisting of 12 titles out of 307 nominations received in the category since last May.

Out of the 12 nominated works, the long list includes 7 narrative works, 2 academic dissertations, and 3 critical studies. As for the narrative works, they include: ‘al panda’ (The Panda) by Syrian author Rahim Hassawi, published by Nofal- Hachette Antoine, Beirut (2017) ‘amtar sayfiyyah’ (Summer Rains) by Egyptian writer Ahmad Al-Qarmalawi, published by Maktabat al-Dar al-Arabiyah lil-Kitab, Cairo (2017) ‘reih al-sharki’ (The winds of sharki) by Moroccan author Mohsine Loukili, published by Dar al-Saqi, Beirut (2017) Poetry collection ‘ala hamesh al-najat’ (On the margin of survival) by Syrian writer Lina Atfeh, published by Arab Institute for Research & Publishing, Beirut (2016) Poetry collection ‘qawarir’ (Flasks) by Jordanian poet Ameen al-Rabee’, published by Dar Amjad, Amman (2016) ‘la shai’a youji’oni’ (Nothing hurts me) by Egyptian writer Hamza Qannawi, published by Department of Culture and Information, Sharjah (2016) Poetry collection ‘atalasha…kathilli ‘abi’ (I wither…like my father’s shadow) by Iraqi poet Shaker Al Ghezi, published by Difaf, Beirut (2017) With respect to the academic dissertations and critical studies, the list named; ‘falsafat al-sarf al’arabi’ (The philosophy of Arabic Inflection) by Lebanese scholar Khaled Kammouny, published by Edition Centre Culturel Arabe, Beirut (2017) ‘al-dars al-balaghi al-arabi: bayn al-seemya’iat wa tahleel al-khitab’ (Arabic Rhetoric: from Semiotics to discourse analysis) by Algerian academic Lakhdari Saad, published by Manshourat al-Ikhtilaf, Algeria (2017) ‘ta’ammolat fe shi’r mohmal’ (contemplations of neglected poetry) by Emirati scholar Naser Laith al-Taee, published by Arab Scientific Publishers Inc., Beirut (2016) In addition to two works published by Dar Fada’at, Amman ‘as’ilat nash’at al-sardiyyah al-arabiyah al hadeetha’ (Questions of the Rise of Arabic Narrative) by Moroccan scholar Ahmed El-Jorti (2016) ‘heena yaghdou al-jasad kalimah’ (When the body becomes a word) by Algerian academic Baha Bennouar. (2017) Last week marked the announcement of the Award’s longlist in the “Literature” category; further announcements on longlisted titles in the rest of the categories will be made within the coming few weeks.