Zayed Book Award Longlist Announced for ‘Development of Nations’ (2018-2019)

Abu Dhabi,

Abu Dhabi – 21 November, 2018: The Sheikh Zayed Book Award (SZBA) announced today its longlist for ‘Contribution to the Development of Nations’, counting six titles out of 173 nominations received in the category. The nominations came from across the Arab regions, mostly from the Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain and Morocco.

The category longlist named the following works:

  1. ‘Al Naft Bayn Erth Al Tareekh Wa Tahadeyat Al Qarn 21’ (Oil: between the legacy of History, and the challenges of the 21st century) by Saudi author Dr. Majid Abdullah Al-Muneef, published by Le Centre Culturel Arabe (2018)
  2. ‘Karaheyat Al Islam’ (Isalmophobia) by Jordanian writer Fahri Salih, published by Arab Scientific Publishers (2016)
  3. ‘Al Deeni Wal Donyawi, Naqd Al Wasata Wal Kahtana’ (Religious and secular criticism of mediation and priesthood) by Moroccan scholar Abdelilah Belkziz, published by Al Maaref Forum (2018)
  4. ‘Al Tataruf’ (Extremism) by Jordanian author Ibrahim Gharaibeh, published by Serene Publishing & Distribution (2018)
  5. ‘Ghandi Wa Qadaya Al Arab Wal Muslim
  6. ‘Al Tadawi Bel Falsafa’ (Philosophical Therapeutics) by Moroccan scholar Said Nachid, published by Dar Al Tanweer Printing & Publishing (2018)
The Award’s longlist in other categories will be announced within the coming few weeks.