Sheikh Zayed Book Award’s Young Author Award Winner Tells Story of His Journey from Poet to Philosopher

Abu Dhabi,

Continuing on its success in delivering interactive seminars during the ADIBF, the Sheikh Zayed Book Award, celebrated as the most important cultural event in the Arab region, hosted today the final seminar at the Discussion Sofa with Adil Hadjami, winner of the Young Author Award. The seminar was facilitated by Dr Mohammed Bennis, Member of the Scientific Committee that oversees the panel of judges for the award. Adil won his award for his book 'Falsafat Jeel Deleuze' (Deleuze philosophy on Existentialism and Difference), examining the life and work of the French Philosopher Gilles Deleuze (1925 – 1995) and the origins of his philosophy. In Falasfat Jeel Deleuze, Hadjami unveils Deuleuze's core interpretations and tracks its historical timelines. Adil Hadjami is a professor of German philosophy with a record of authored and translated works in European philosophy. His work is acknowledged with high regards as the Arabic library is in dire need for such scientific resources which are expected to be a core reference for all Arab scholars of philosophy. Hadjami has a PhD in philosophy and social and is currently a lecturer in Mohamed V University. He is also competent in ancient Latin and Greek languages, plays the Oud instrument and has obtained a Diploma in the Theory of Music from the National Conservatoire Institute in Rabat, Morocco. The winning book is Hadjami's dissertation which he defended successfully to obtain his PhD. Adil had begun his literary career in schools in Morocco, writing poetry. “In my opinion, the Sheikh Zayed Book awards are exceptional in terms of where it’s held and the magnitude of the prize. Abu Dhabi is fast becoming a literary cultural centre in the Middle East. Awards like this give authors the confidence and freedom to present their work freely, and gives exposure to research that would otherwise go unnoticed.” On winning the prize, Dr. Hadjami said “I am very fortunate to have received this award so early in my career. It has given me the confidence and resources to develop my work and to take it to a level I previously wouldn’t even think of reaching. I feel a responsibility to ensure all my following books reach the same level as Falsafat Jeel Deleuze and to maintain that calibre of translation.” Dr. Mohammed Bennis is one of the most important poets of the Modern Arabic Poetry. Born in Fez, Morocco, in 1948, he contributes energetically to modern Arabic poetry and he enjoys a particular status in Arab culture since the 1970s. Author of more than thirty titles (poetry, prose, essay, and translation, among them, thirteen poetry collections, the poetic works (2 volumes), studies on Moroccan poetry and Modern Arabic poetry), Bennis published in numerous newspapers and reviews all over the Arab World. “This work is beneficial to the literary world, to writers and philosophers alike, as it is highly differentiated from other works of translation. The importance of Deleuze’s work in itself is exceptional and this translation allows Arabic scholars to sense and understand this differentiation.”