Sheikh Zayed Book Award Promotes New Category in Berlin

Abu Dhabi,

The Sheikh Zayed Book Award announced today it will be participating in a cultural Seminar in Germany this coming Thursday, 13th of September 2012, in cooperation with Ministry of Foreign Affairs and UAE’s Embassy in Germany. A team of high level executives will represent the Award, led by Dr. Ali Bin Tamim, Secretary General of Sheikh Zayed Book Award. This participation comes in line with the Sheikh Zayed Book Award’s efforts to reach out to international audiences and promote the Award’s brand at cultural gatherings around the world. This has become more significant after the introduction of the new category, “Arab Culture in non-Arabic Languages” that has attracted significant attention from academics and cultural researchers around the world, especially from Germany, in the award’s seventh session, currently running. The Award’s newly devised category has been devised prior to the launch of the Award’s 7th session, to honor all written works in languages other than Arabic, about the Arabic civilization and culture, in the fields of humanities, fine arts, and history. The Award is accepting literary works in English, German and Chinese for this current session, while English will be the standard language of works accepted for forthcoming sessions. Nominations in this category and the rest of the Award’s nine categories are still accepted until end of September 2012.